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isanbox:The Secure Open Source Telephony.

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Isanbox is an Open Source telephony, designed to provide security protection. It is very useful for protecting against signaling and media (SIP-TLS and SRTP). Core engine base on asterisk and freebpx web configuration.


XVB - Voice Application Server / Hosted IVR solution based on asterisk.

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XVB - Voice Application Server is designed to handle incoming calls and fast organization of IVR menus in a completely isolated environment (numbering plan, routing of calls, the house phone, etc. ) for multiple users IVR-hosting.


Galera Cluster: HA - MySQL backend for Asterisk.

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Galera is a highly available Cluster based on MySQL for applications needing reliable database back-end's like Asterisk.


Simple and fast viewer for asterisk CDRs / recordings.

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Asterisk-cdr-viewer: a simple and fast viewer for asterisk CDRs / recordings with the following Features:


OutCALL: Real time call notifications.

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OutCALL is an application designed for integration with Microsoft Outlook while placing and receiving phone calls. The application includes: Outlook contacts integration, incoming calls pop-up window notification, click to dial from email/contact.


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