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Top 10 Call Center Solutions based on Asterisk.

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Top 10 Call Center Solutions.

Top 10 Call Center Ranking is an ongoing comparison and ranking of top worldwide Call Center.

Compare Call Center features or compare Call Center pricing, convenience, as well as VoIP equipment scenarios and options.
The Top 10 Call Center comparison table will equip users with answers on hardware
and software including on-premise PBX, hosted PBX.
This information will be your guide to rank and choose the best Call Center for your business.

Call Center   Rank

The latest version of Digium's award-winning IP PBX for small and medium businesses is shipping!
SMB 4.0 is our biggest and best version of Switchvox yet! With features like:

- Unified Communications: Fax, Chat, Video, Presence
- Over 20 new call queue and IVR features!
- Extend API for fast and easy integration

  Runs on Linux 1


As an old adage goes, "If you can measure it, you can improve it". With over 150 quantitative metrics available your call center runs smoothly and problems are easily pointed out. You can measure budget targets, SLA targets, agent activity and more, with a level of details that goes down to listening to any call on any queue - and right from your browser.

What will QueueMetrics do for me?

- Operations managers...
- Team leaders...
- Agents...
- IT Managers...

  Runs on Linux 2

Orderly Software
Here's your chance to use the Call Centre Management system that DIGIUM use in their own call centre, for FREE!

* How effective is your call centre?
* How many calls are reaching your agents?
* Are your staff deployed in the most effective way? 

At Orderly Software, we understand the factors that drive performance in your call centre. Our intuitive statistics package OrderlyStats puts the key information directly into your hands, and into the hands of decision makers throughout your organisation. 

  Runs on Linux 3
Manage an inbound sales, support, or service team? All the features you need to efficiently route calls, manage and monitor your call center.
  Runs on Linux 4

Altitude Software

Altitude Software is a global leader in Contact Center solutions, with over 800 customers in 60 countries and offices in 15.

Altitude uCI™ , the Unified Customer Interaction suite includes all the modules from VoicePortal, Routing, Desktop, Monitoring, Reporting and Quality and is the only suite using a single  language (ASL) and Studio (ASD) for all.

Runs on Windows
Runs on Linux

Foehn has a decade of experience designing and deploying IP communication solutions on behalf of enterprises and call centre clients.

Foehn has been using Asterisk for more than five years as the open source platform on which to develop innovative and effective VOIP and data convergence solutions.

Profitable company based in London, UK with global reach and capacity, a varied and loyal client base and English, Spanish, French and Portuguese speakers. Digium Reseller and ISO27001 Certified.

Runs on Linux 6

When you are looking to setup or upgrade your call center technology platform to enhance your call routing and dialing capabilities, take a bit of time to evaluate the Indosoft call centre software suite. The effectiveness of the call center platform, the ease of use, and the value for money will be obvious. Indosoft call center software Q-Suite is a complete multi-tenant, web based next generation call center solution for the hybrid IP-PBX Asterisk.

 Runs on Windows Runs on Linux 7

Asteria Solutions Group,  provides software, custom solutions, and support services using Asterisk and OpenSIP platforms. Our professional team of software development and telephony experts deliver solutions for inbound and outbound call centers, high volume automated dialing, notification systems, IVRs, enterprise PBXs, and conferencing applications. Deployments use your choice of hardware and carriers.

 Runs on Linux 8

Centriphone Millennium
Centriphone Millennium ® IP Contact Center unifies all communication channels under one unique platform:
. Inbound calls with interactive voice response
. Outbound calls (Preview and Predictive)
. Web media: Chat, VoIP, Video IP, and Co-browsing
. E-Mail
. SMS, ...

 Runs on Windows Runs on Linux 9

AACC Advanced Asterisk Call Center
This is the "brain" of the system. It has these major features:

- Validates user's identities.
- Carries on administrative tasks as ordered by the Administration panel, such as starting and stopping of campaigns, etc.
- Acts as an interface between the agents and Asterisk, sending and receiving information back and forth between both.
- Pauses agents, manages after call work (wrap-up time).
- Keeps the state of all the components of the call center.
- Generates statistical data.
- It's a predictive dialer.
- It's a specialized CRM.

 Runs on Windows Runs on Linux 10

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